Friday, April 1, 2011

Gender Issues in Education


This week is all about gender issues in the classroom whether it has to do with sports, dress codes, or learning in the classroom. I decided to do a little searching about gender issues in education and I found some videos and a website that shows what is going on in schools today.

The first link that I found is about some information about what the Title IX law and some things that it enforces and also about some myths about women athletes. As an athlete in high this article interested me. In this article all of the "Did You Know..." facts was my favorite because it tells you precise examples of some things that the Title IX law pursues.One of them that caught my interest was:
 "Did You Know...Title IX requires that male and female athletes receive the same benefits of athletic participation:    
  • equipment, uniforms, supplies
  • access to weight room and training room
  • equal practice facilities
  • same size and quality locker rooms and competition facilities 
  • equal access to practice and games during prime time
  • same quality coaches as boys' teams
  • opportunity to play the same quality opponents
  • the same awards and awards banquets
  • cheerleaders and band performances at girls' games too, etc. " 
This particular fact caught my interest because in my own high school the football team seemed like it received a lot more money than some of the other sports. The football team got a new football field, new jerseys, and new practicing equipment. Being on the women's volleyball team, we needed new equipment such as more volleyballs, our net was broken and we needed a new one, and our uniforms were old and starting to get yellow stains in the armpits...gross. We had to wait forever before we finally got a new net for us to use during practice and games and we had to do our own fundraiser to buy ourselves new uniforms. The football team, which is portrayed as a man's sport was apparently a little more important and they received all of the nicer things. Another thing in this fact was that cheer leaders and band performances can perform at girls' games also. This struck me as interesting because I had never heard of this before. I had only seen the band play at the football games and I had only seen the cheerleaders cheer for football and basketball.

In my next link, the video is about a woman named Shelly-Ann Gallimore:

Shelly-Ann Gallimore is involved in the sport track and field. She won the national championship in the triple jump. Title IX has helped Shelly-Ann achieve many things. She would not have been able to go to college without it because she received a scholarship to go to school for track and field. Because of Title IX she was given an opportunity to succeed and to do something with her life. She  thought that coming to America that everybody was treated as equal but she was shocked to find out that women in this country struggled to achieve equality through Title IX. In my own opinion although Title IX has been around I still feel like girls are not welcomed into boys' sports. As an example my brother did wresting and I loved the sport so much and I always wanted to do it myself but I thought that I would never really be accepted because I was a girl or the guys on the team would act awkward.

The next video clip that I have is about a little boy named Taylor Pugh:

Taylor was suspended from school for having long hair because it was against the dress code. The school claims that having long hair is a distraction to himself and others. I don't think that this is a good enough argument on their part because many girls have long hair and that is not considered a distraction so why should his hair be a distraction. Like his father said in the video; it is not like he had bright green hair with liberty spikes on his head because then it would be a distraction. I don't think that there is any reason why he should not have long hair. I think that the dress code for boys should be on the same level as girls. I'm sure that a girl would not get suspended if she decided to cut her hair short. It just isn't fair. 

In conclusion I realize that both genders are treated unfairly in some ways or another. In class I would like to discuss some personal experiences that people have witnessed or heard of about gender issues in education.


  1. I really enjoyed reading your blog. I have a lot in common with the whole sports issue in high school. I am going to do an extended comment on your blog this week!

  2. great post!!

    i feel like you brought up many key points in your blog!!

    In response to when you said that you had never seen cheerleaders preform at women's athletic events. Only once in high school the Mens Hockey Cheerleaders cheered for the Women's Hockey game and they were told the next day by the whole women's hockey team that they did not want them to cheer at their game ever again.

    I can see where these girls were coming from. Being a three sport athlete in high school, I would never have wanted cheerleaders to be at my sporting events.

  3. Wow, that story about his long hair is ridiculous.
    One of my friends was on the wrestling team for a few years. She kicked butt.

  4. I agree with you Mr. Levells...that story about the hair is ridiculous. I used to get made fun of for having long hair at work. And then when I started to work Deli, I had to tie it in a tail and put a hat on and people would make fun of that. Finally, because it was a lot easier, I found hair nets as a problem solver. I got made fun of even more for a while. Honestly, the only thing distracting about long hair is having to put up with all of the stupid morons who have to criticize you about it. It's ridiculous.
    Also, back to the locker situation, you said that there had to be same size and quality locker rooms. Well I can even remember in my high school, this wasn't seen at all. The guys had huge lockers, I could put my entire book bag in the locker if I wanted to and they seemed fairly new. The girls always complained though saying theirs were so small. There were also so many robberies reported in the girls locker room. I never understood why they didn't just lock their stuff up. Then I saw their lockers! They're so tiny. Who can you expect to fit anything in them. How is that fair at all!!!